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How to migrate from sqlite3 database to postgresql

This migration was written while using the unraid template (docker) for TandoorRecipes, version 1.3.0. While some commands are unraid specific, it should in general work for any setup.

  1. Make a backup of your /mnt/user/appdata/recipes dir.

  2. Without changing any settings, get a shell into the TandoorRecipes docker through the Web-UI or by running docker exec -it TandoorRecipes /bin/sh

    cd /opt/recipes
    ./venv/bin/python export -a > /data/dump.json

  3. Create a Postgresql database (With a new user & database for recipes)

I used the postgresql14 template.

psql -U postgres
postgres=# create database tandoor;
postgres=# create user tandoor with encrypted password 'yoursupersecretpassworddontusethisone';
postgres=# grant all privileges on database tandoor to tandoor;
  1. Now its time to change some enviourment variables in TandoorRecipes template:

    DB_ENGINE=django.db.backends.postgresql  # Database Engine, previous value: `django.db.backends.sqlite3`
    POSTGRES_HOST=<Your unraid host ip>  # PostgreSQL Host
    POSTGRES_PORT=5432  # PostgreSQL Host
    POSTGRES_USER=tandoor  # PostgreSQL User
    POSTGRES_PASSWORD=yoursupersecretpassworddyoudidntcopy  # PostgreSQL Password
    POSTGRES_DB=tandoor  # Database, previous value: `/data/recipes.db`

  2. Save it, and start the container once.

It will perform all database migrations once for the postgresql database.

  1. Get a shell into the docker through the WEB-UI or by running docker exec -it TandoorRecipes /bin/sh

    cd /opt/recipes
    ./venv/bin/python import /data/dump.json

  2. Enjoy your new fuzzy search options and SLIGHTLY performance increase!