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Community Contributed

This guide was contributed by the community and is neither officially supported, nor updated or tested.

These are instructions for pacman based distributions, like ArchLinux. The package is available from the AUR or from GitHub.


  • systemd integration.
  • Provide configuration for Nginx.
  • Use socket activation.
  • Use a non-root user.
  • Apply migrations automatically.


  1. Clone the package, build and install with makepkg:

    git clone
    cd tandoor-recipes-git
    makepkg -si
    or use your favourite AUR helper.

  2. Setup a PostgreSQL database and user, as explained here:

  3. Configure the service in /etc/tandoor/tandoor.conf.

  4. Reinstall the package, or follow the official instructions to have tandoor creates its DB tables.

  5. Optionally configure a reverse proxy. A configuration for Nginx is provided, but you can Traefik, Apache, etc.. Edit /etc/nginx/sites-available/tandoor.conf. You may want to use another server_name, or configure TLS. Then:

    cd /etc/nginx/sites-enabled
    ln -s ../sites-available/tandoor.conf
    systemctl restart nginx

  6. Enable the service

    systemctl enable --now tandoor


cd tandoor-recipes-git
git pull
makepkg -sif
Or use your favourite AUR helper. You shouldn't need to do anything else. This package applies migration automatically. If PostgreSQL has been updated to a new major version, you may need to run pg_upgrade.


This package is non-official. Issues should be posted to or