Translations are managed on, a self hosted instance of Weblate.

You can simply register an account and then follow these steps to add translations:

  1. After registering, you are asked to select your languages. This is optional but allows weblate to only show you relevant translations.
  2. In the navigation click on Projects and then Browse all projects.
  3. Select Tandoor and on the top-right hand corner, select Watch project Tandoor (click on Not watching).
  4. Go back to the dashboard. It now shows you the relevant translations for your languages. Click on the pencil icon to get started.

Creating a new language

To create a new language you must first select Tandoor (the project) and then a component. Here you will have the option to add the language. Afterwards you can also simply add it to the other components as well. Once a new language is (partially) finished let me know on GitHub so I can add it to the language-switcher in Tandoor itself.

There is also a lot of documentation available from Weblate directly.


It is also possible to provide the translations directly by creating a new language using makemessages -l <language_code> -i venv. Once finished, simply open a PR with the changed files. This sometimes causes issues merging with weblate, so I would prefer the use of weblate.